PROJEKS, protieksplozijska zaščita, d.o.o. offers services related to explosion protection in all branches of industry.


Under the current legislation, the employers are obliged to provide safe workplaces for their employees. The activities in the explosion protection field are strictly regulated due to consequences of explosions, which are often severe. On the level of the EU, explosion protection is regulated by two directives: 2014/34/EU and 1999/92/ES, which are implemented in Slovenian national legislation with the “Rules on explosion protection” (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 41/2016), which determine the employers’ obligations in articles 35 to 47.


The employer must provide safe working environment for all workplaces, where explosive mixtures of gases, vapors and/or dusts with air could appear. This must be achieved with appropriate technical and organizational measures, which are suitable for the process and by taking into account the basic principles prioritized from 1) to 3):

  1. Prevention of occurrence of explosive atmospheres, or if this is not possible
  2. Prevention of ignition of explosive atmospheres and
  3. Mitigation of harmful effects of the explosion, to achieve a safe and healthy working environment.

Where appropriate, these measures should be combined or supplemented with other measures, and should be checked regularly, especially whenever significant changes in the process are made.


The employer shows the fulfillment of the obligations with certificates issued by the conformity assessment body according to the prescribed procedure.


PROJEKS, d.o.o. can help you in all steps to achieve compliance with the regulations all the way to the goal - to obtain a certificate of conformity:

  • Explosion protection document with risk assessment
  • Expert opinions
  • Risk assessment and documentation for older non-electrical equipment
  • Determination of explosion protection measures in the performance of work and technological procedures
  • Consulting in the selection and installation of equipment
  • Defining the safety parameters of the equipment operation
  • Preparation of explosion protection guidelines for the design of Ex equipment
  • Preparing documentation (technical folders) for new equipment
  • Execution of the entire procedure for obtaining a certificate of conformity for the explosion protection document and installation of Ex equipment
  • Determination of rules of procedures for Ex maintenance and help with obtaining a certificate of conformity for maintenance of Ex equipment.


We are active in all areas of the industry, as are, for example:

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP, anaerobic stage, septic tank sludge inlet, biogas production and treatment, sludge drying,…)
  • Waste gas incineration (RTO – regenerative thermal oxidation of off-gases)
  • Energy sources production, processing, storage and distribution (coal, gas, liquid fuels, biomass, gas stations,…)
  • Waste processing and landfills (waste landfills with landfill gas extraction, sorting, crushing and milling of waste, ...)
  • Woodworking industry (sanding wood products, wood dust extraction and filtration),
  • Surface treatment of (semi)products (varnishing, powder coating, spraying, drying,...)
  • Metal processing (grinding, dust extraction, filtering, ...
  • Food and feed industry (transport and processing of cereals, sugar, ...),
  • Production and use of metallic powders (dry and wet grinding, sieving, packaging, dust extraction, spraying of metallic powder,...)
  • Hazardous chemical storage (solid, liquid, gaseous substances and aerosols, ...)


Knowledge, which is constantly being upgraded and updated and more than 15 years of experience, enables us to perform our services in a qualitative, professional, rational and timely manner, which is confirmed by hundreds of successfully completed projects. You will collaborate with a certified engineer according to the Architectural and Civil Engineering Activities Act (ZAID), registered in the directory of the Chamber of Engineers of Slovenia (IZS T-0694).